On last Sunday we celebrated Mother’s day; and I know many of us received great gifts from Spouses and Children alike.  We probably got numerous cards that spelled out what awesome Mothers we are in no uncertain terms.  We smiled until our cheeks hurt with all of the attention that was bestowed upon us by our loved ones.  I too received great gifts and kind words that lifted my spirits and made me feel all warm and cozy inside, but there was one gift that made me stop and think.  My lovely Pastor at Amazing Church in McKinney, TX gifted all the Mothers with this, dare I say simple yet mind stirring necklace that simply read LIFE GIVER…WOW!! I never thought of myself as something so powerful and UN-expendable (I think I just made that word up) LIFE GIVER…that’s what it said, those 2 little words exposed my purpose and promise on this earth.  I realized how important we (Mothers) must be to God for Him to bestow such a great honor upon us.  I may have taken this thing called Motherhood for granted until my eyes gazed upon this beautiful token of appreciation from my Pastor that told me I am a Giver of Life! I (me) have the ability to create Dreamers, Thinkers and Great minds that can change the direction that this world is going…Me! God gave me the task of doing this!  So Women, hold your head up, walk in your purpose and authority.  Remember when the enemy tries to tear you down and remind you of your past hurts or mistakes, look him/her straight in the eye and remind him that you are a LIFE GIVER BOO!!!




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